E-commerce Security Issues

E-commerce Security Issues

Internet For Business

Individual Research Report
Internet Security


Introduction Page 1

1.0 The main e-commerce security issues. Page 2
1.1 Privacy/Confidentiality Page 2
1.2 Integrity Page 2
1.3 Authentication Page 2
1.4 Repudiation Page 2
1.5 Assurance Page 2

2.0 What are the current attempts being made to
improve e-commerce security Page 3
2.1 Firewalls Page 3
2.2 Secure Socket Layers (SSL) Page 3
2.3 Cryptography Page 4
2.4 Virus Scanning Page 4
2.5 Passwords Page 5
2.6 Intrusion Detection Systems Page 5

3.0 How successful are these likely to be Page 5

4.0 What is your overall assessment of the current state Page 5
of e-commerce security.

5.0 Will I buy online now. Page 6

Conclusion Page 7

Recommendation Page 7

References Page 8


As we progress into the future e-commerce is becoming an important part of all businesses as they try to capture and enter new markets all over the world. However, there is a reluctance by many to embrace this technology simply because of the unknown and the main issue of security when trading over the internet. With the reports of hackers gaining confidential information and abusing the system, people just don?t trust the internet despite the rewards it can offer. Therefore the business world needs to informed and reassured that there are systems in place continually being developed and improved to increase the

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