Communication at a Ski Resort

Communication at a Ski Resort

At Mt Volcano, the importance of strategic communication with customers is recognised. There is an understanding that developing marketing plans and communication plans for external use will increase this companies income, improve public relations, and assist in efficiently using client information to improve Mt Volcano?s products and services.

The team at Mt Volcano understand the importance of developing strategic plans to guide longer-term decision-making. We need to know where we want to go and how to get there. Without goals, and a course of action to obtain these goals, it is difficult to coordinate company resources so that the desired outcome is achieved. Communication methodologies for communicating with customers and the public have been included in Mt Volcano?s strategic planning.

Mt Volcano, however, has not addressed internal communication in the same way. Determining what should be communicated to staff, when it should be communicated, and how it should be communicated is often left up to the decisions of individuals, when there seems to be a need. Internal communication strategies are developed, reactively, when there is a crisis or major event that clearly requires addressing communication issues.

Major change is occurring in this organization

In November 2000, Northwest ski area purchased the financially troubled

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