Once and Future King Origin of Human DesiresKnowledge

Once and Future King: Origin of Human Desires???Knowledge

Humans all have at least one ultimate desire in life. Whether it be wealth, power, fame, intelligence, happiness or true love, humans spend their entire life working towards achieving this goal. Although there are many different kinds of desires, they all originate from the same source. However, many are in disagreement of the identity of this source. Some believe that it is genes. They think that children are born with very similar desires as their parents. Some others are convinced that the source is experience. They think that if a child enjoys an experience of wealth, power, fame, intelligence, happiness or love, they will desire it for the rest of their life. Many others including the author of the Once and Future King, T. H. White, consider the source to be knowledge. These people think that new knowledge about oneself and about a certain subject creates the interest for the desires. T. H. White?s thoughts on this topic are clearly shown throughout his book. His charact!
ers blatantly display their desires and the cause of them. In the Once and Future King, the verbal, emotional, and physical lessons taught by the teachers of Mordred, Lancelot, and Arthur lead to their ultimate

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