The Bean Trees

The Bean Trees

Learning to adapt and respond to life-changing events is an important skill that one must learn. Barbara Kingsolver displays this in various ways through out the popular novel The Bean Trees. She accomplishes this through the primary character and the challenges she endures. Mariette was born and raised in a small town, where adapting to change involved minimal effort. After leaving her hometown and being left alone with a child, she soon realizes that change is a lot harder than one would think. As she matures she sees that change is of great importance. Not only does she adapt but she helps others around her adapt to difficult situations as well. Ironically enough what she left home to avoid, is what she finished with, only instead of the circumstances making her miserable as she expected they would, it turned out to be exactly what she desired.

Mariette grows up in a stereotypical small town in which every day simple tasks have a story to tell. She proves this as she announce, ?I have been afraid of putting air in a tire ever since I saw a tractor tire blow up and throw Newt Hardbines father over the top of the

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