Tell Tale Heart

Tell Tale Heart


?The Tell-Tale Heart? shows the precision of Edgar Allan Poe?s horror. In this book there is never any mention of the main characters name. The only title given is to the old man whom the mad-man kills.
The book starts out with a man professing to the reader of how he is not truly a mad-man. He continues to say how no one as clever and intelligent as he was could be mad. After the brief introduction of his insanity, the mad-man continues his tirade on how the old man in his apartment complex has an evil eye that he can?t stand to look at. He begins to plot a murder for the old man. He explains again that he has nothing against the old man, it is just his eye that he can?t stand. Eventually, the mad-man begins to develop his plot against the old man. He begins sticking his head through the old man?s door at midnight and watching him. He takes a lantern and opens the light shade just enough to where he can get a direct ray of light on the man?s evil eye

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