Dr. Heidegger?s Experiment

Dr. Heidegger?s Experiment

To Age or not to Age
(1) In ?Dr. Heidegger?s Experiment,” Nathaniel Hawthorne expresses [Diction] that if given the chance to regain your youth, some would not have learned from their past mistakes, to change the way would live their life again. In ?Dr Heidegger?s Experiment? Hawthorne uses his characters to describe how life experiences should have an impression in our lives.

(2) Dr Heidegger was an old scientist, who has a very strange way of presenting himself. He works by himself in his study. Which many find to be a ?very curious place.?(Pg. 578) [Frag -1] In his study there is a picture of a women [Hostage 50] who once was his lover. She was going to be the one that he was going to marry, but she had been affected with a disorder and had taken some of the pills he prescribed and died. ?She had swallowed one of her lovers prescription?s and died on the bridal evening.?(Pg. 579) It is thought that Dr. Heidegger might have had something to do with her death, but it was unknown. ?The greatest curiosity of the

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