Symbols In Winesburg

Symbols In Winesburg

Major Symbols in Winesburg, Ohio

In Winesburg, Ohio Sherwood Anderson paints a picture about life in a small town. Anderson uses many symbols to convey the feelings of his characters with in the town. The most important symbols in Winesburg, Ohio are the use of the words fist and hands that symbolize the anger and frustration of the characters.
Wing Biddlebaum is introduced in the story ?Hands?. He is very withdrawn from the rest of the townspeople. When he was a young man he had a horrible experience that he never fully recovers from. This experience has left him quite nervous ? Wing Biddlebaum closed his fist and beat with them upon a table?? (p.29). This action was not only triggered by nerves but by his frustration as well. His whole life was effected from his confrontation some twenty years ago in Pennsylvania. This forces him to live the rest of his life as an unhappy and broken man.

Stuart (2)
With Alice Hindman in the story ?Adventure? we see another character that is frustrated with the outcome of her life. Alice was in the company of a young man named Ned Currie who was

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