Survival (Huck Finn)

Survival (Huck Finn)

What is survival According to the dictionary it is “living or continuing longer than another person or thing”. To some people it means passing a test or winning a race or a game. But to Huck Finn it meant just getting though the day. Huck had to face many obstacles in his journeys, the three that you will hear about today are, Huck surviving his father, Huck on his own, and the survival of Jim the escape slave.

Huck loved his father very much but I dont think that the feeling was mutual. Huck had to run away from his father just so he could feel safe. He had to live with a widow and her sister. He was treated fairly well but he was not used to the strict conditions in which he had to live. Then one day his father came back and kidnapped him. That night his father got drunk and tried to kill Huck and when Huck had the chance to escape he didnt. The next morning however he faked his own death and left and his father believed he was dead. But everyone though the father had killed him. A few days later after Huck had

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