Sula Mrs. Dalloway

Sula/Mrs. Dalloway

In reading the two novels, Sula and Mrs. Dalloway the antiwar sentiments created by the authors display the injustices of war. The two novels stage the loss of a female friendship as well as a shell-shocked warrior whose fragmented consciousness expressed the brutalities of war. In Toni Morrison?s novel Sula, she uses characters similarities and differences that they might share in personalities. Morrison uses different characters to confronting issues of identity belonging and experiences of life. The two characters that reflect the sentiments of antiwar aspects are, Shadrock and Sula. In Mrs. Dolloway the two characters that Virginia Woolfe uses are Clarissa Dolloway and Septimus. This paper will identify the characters used in both novels to show the antiwar sentiments.
Sula developed into a woman of free spirit, free will, and a desire to roam around and see things beyond the bottom. She wanted to be ?free of the possibility of destruction? (pg 148 Sula). This was something in which she shared with Shadrock. As an adult woman Sula went to college and experienced new things to see how different the world was. When she returned, people said she had ?no speck around which to grow. She was completely free of

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