Squealer is short, fat, twinkle-eyed and nimble, “a brilliant talker.” He has a way of skipping from side to side and whisking his tail that is somehow very persuasive. They say he can turn black into white! Thats just what he does, again and again: every time the pigs take more wealth and power, Squealer persuades the animals that this is absolutely necessary for the well being of all. When things are scarce, he proves that production has increased- with figures. He is also the one who makes all the changes in the Seven Commandments. In human terms he is the propaganda apparatus that spreads the “big lie” and makes people believe in it.

Squealer is a very important character in this novel. Squealer is the only animal in the farm that can make black look white. During the worst days of animal farm, squealer would come happily whisking his tail ready to do what he was best at, talking. Squealer would do anything for his job, he would even lie sometimes but what he really used was words. Squealer convinced the animals that Napoleon was a great leader that all of the animals should defend and be proud of

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