The Nun From The Canterbury Tales

The Nun From The Canterbury Tales

From the Canterbury Tales: The Nun

The Canterbury Tales is a very interesting collection of stories. It features dynamic characters, excellent prose, and should provide fun reading for audiences of all types. The author of the Canterbury Tails is Geoffrey Chaucer. He is a very skilled writer from the Middle Ages. The Canterbury tales is proposed to have over twenty books to the collection but is never completed by Chaucer. This unique characteristic of the series adds to the remarkableness of the suite of stories.
The star of this paper, the Nun is one of the most lady-like women one could ever imagine. Chaucer details her with excellent use of rhyming and composition. She is gentle, pleasant to the eyes, proper, and most of all, caring for other around her. The Nun is a very kind, loving, courtly, and womanly lady, always wanting the best for those about her, no matter if they are a person or animal.
The nun is a very kind woman. Chaucer described her is always smiling. It is pretty hard to not think of a person who is always smiling as a kind person. No matter where

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