Night by Elie Wiesel

Character List:

Page 1:
Moshe the Beadle- man off all work at a Hasidic Synagogue; very poor, lived humbly, dreamy eyes, awkward as a clown, spoke little, used to sing or rather to chant

Page 2:
Elie?s father- cultured, unsentimental; concerned about other?s rather than his family, held to the greatest esteem in the community

Hilda- first child born; Elie?s sister

Bea- second born; Eli?s sister

Eliezer (Elie)- introduced formally on page 3; narrator, third born and only son to the family

Tzipora- forth born; sister of Elie

Page 3:
Elie- formally introduced here as the narrator

Page 4:
Moshe the Beadle- returns after himself and other jews from the town were taken away by the Hungarian Police and then crossed into Polish Territory

Malka- a girl that took three days to die, after taken the Hungarian Police

Hungarian Police- took the jews by train to a place where they dug there own graves and stood in front of them to be shot and left for dead

Tobias- the town?s tailor, begged to be killed by the police before his sons

Page 5:
Elie?s Grandfather- came to celebrate the new year with this family and attend the services of the famous rabbi of Borshe

Page 7:
German Officers- one lived in the house opposite

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