Sir Gawin Vs. Knight From Wife Of Bath

Sir Gawin Vs. Knight From Wife Of Bath

Human Nature

When comparing the two knights, Sir Gawain and the knight from the Wife of Bath, Sir Gawain seems to have no faults. Gawain is depicted to be the most noble of knights. He is very honorable and respected by all. While on the other hand, the knight from the Wife of Bath has poor morals, judgment, and he lives for the moment. Even though having many differences I intend to prove that these two men have similarities as well. Immoral traits that both knights exemplify are temptation, fear, and cowardice. Even the best of men including Sir Gawain, are innately selfish and subject to thoughts reprehensible to the chivalrous role.
When examining Sir Gawain?s and the knight from the Wife of Bath differences, Sir Gawain seems to be the more noble of the two. For example, in the poem ?Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,? Gawain is portrayed by the poet to be honorable, brave, reliable, but yet humble. He proves this to be true in the very beginning of the poem by taking King Arthur?s place in the challenge. He realizes that King Arthur?s life is much more significant than his

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