Sons And Lovers

Sons And Lovers

Sons and Lovers tells the story of the Morels, which are the counterpart of the authors? own family. It is in this book where D.H. Lawrence explores probably for the first time the circumstances and conditions of his youth in order to set himself free of the shadows of the past. The dominant, omnipresent influence of his mother, a tie so strong he is hardly able to bear her death. So strong he almost chooses to follow her into the immense night, which engulfed her: ?And if he walked and walked for ever, there was only that place to come to? (Lawrence, p.365), the place where his dead mother was awaiting him. Yet in the end, facing the seduction of death, he turns around and walks towards the light in ?the faintly humming, glowing town? (Lawrence, p.531) thus deciding to continue the path of his life, alone but free.

The novel is the story of a mother that substitutes her own life by the lives of her sons, making their success her victory, the victory that will make her triumph over the share of life she didn?t get. Mrs. Morel takes possession of her sons? lives, especially of Paul?s

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