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The Story of Arachne

The Story of Arachne is an example of the fine line that exists between pride and arrogance. The author uses Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, and Arachne, a simple mortal, to prove the importance of being humble. This is evident through the fact that a mere mortal challenged a goddess who believed herself to be superior. Secondly, Arachne was convinced that she was the best weaver, never showing modesty of her talent. Lastly, Arachne was taught not to defy a god and yet did not care to go against that.
Arachne had become so arrogant that she had the audacity to belittle Athena?s talent. She even dared to compare it to her own, saying that hers was superior. This was discovered when the nymph said that her weaving was so excellent that it looked like Athena herself had taught Arachne. This was when Arachne challenged Athena.
Athena was too proud to be challenged by a human. She thought that no mortal could measure up to her

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