All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on The Western Front, was written by Erich Maria

Remarque in 1929 during World War I. All Quiet on The Western Front is a

fictional book although it tells a story of the reality of war, not at all a

adventure for death is not an adventure for those who stand face to face

with it. A group of German schoolboys were sent into the Great War?s ?field

of honor? for a long sequence of events that are very graphic, and will bring

out the emotions of many soldiers. The story was told by Paul Baumer, a

nineteen year old who was convinced to enlist with the German army.

Erich Remarque was in combat during World War I, and he was

wounded five times. All Quiet on the Western Front made him rich at the

age of thirty-three. The money did?nt make him forget the worst horrors of

the wars and the inhumanity acts.

Seduced to war by their elders, who appeal to the young patrioticism

and the prospect of be heroes, Paul and his friends go off to the

battlefields full of enthusiasm for adventure, guns, and fighting.

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