Scarlet Letter

Scarlet Letter

Evil In Nathaniel Hawthorne?s Writings

Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter and ?Rappaccini?s Daughter?, uses the concept of evil as a main theme in some of his stories. ?Rappaccini?s Daughter? is not a simple story focusing on a clear line separating good from evil. Instead, the story focuses on the gray area where good and evil overlap. In Rappaccini?s Daughter, Rappaccini, a scientist who ?cares more for science than for mankind?, makes a solution to keep his daughter pure forever, therefore he is considered the evil in the story. In the Scarlet Letter, Roger Chillingworth is considered the evil, even though one could argue that many of the main characters in the story are sinners or are evil including all of the townspeople. The concept of evil is also shown in contrast to the concept of good in both stories. In The Scarlet Letter, one can argue that it is

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