Scarlet Ibis Essay

Scarlet Ibis Essay

The Scarlet Ibis Essay

From the moment Doodle was born, no one had any faith in him. His first couple of years was very hard and depressing. Brother had a difficulty getting accustomed to having a crippled brother but his mother forced them to spend time together. While they are out at the swamp, Brother decides to teach to Doodle things to change his situation. Although Brother might seem to being considerate, his actions are for his own gain. These actions greatly affect both Doodle and himself.
From the start, teaching Doodle to walk was for Brothers satisfaction. He didnt care about how Doodle felt. He just wanted a normal brother and someone to compete with. Brother was embarrassed to have a five-year-old brother who couldnt walk. He wanted to turn Doodle into the kind of brother he wanted. For Doodle to normal and happier was more of a bonus than the importance of Brother satisfying his needs.
On Doodles birthday, when he

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