Role Of Society In Hedda Gabler

Role Of Society In Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler

Society and social issues play an important role in the outcome of the novel, ?Hedda Gabler.? The author, Ibsen, shows how these issues affect Hedda as the main character of the play and how she ends it all with suicide, the most powerful form of her self-destruction.

Ibsen, in writing the play of Hedda Gabler, showed observations on society at the time period of that setting. The characters show the reader what life was like at that time. The character of Hedda, however, is one with a destructive nature as a result of the society that she lives in. Hedda wants to satisfy her desires for life but cannot because she is detained by society and its demands on the individual. Thus, she attempts to conform instead of criticize her society on morality, and so she is in a continuous life of boredom and it results in her destructive behavior.

Also, In Act 4, when Hedda discovers that Ejlert met a horrible death, she is disgusted. So, she chooses to commit suicide, thinking that it is the solution to her problem of not being able to escape her dull life, because there is no way

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