Restoration Of Eve

Restoration Of Eve

Restoration of Eve

Amelia Lanyer?s, ?Eve?s Apology in Defense of Women,? functions as a type of revolutionary vindication of the rights of ?Our Mother Eve.? What is interesting about Lanyer?s defense for Eve is her anticipation of Mary Wollstoncraft?s, ?A Vindication of the Rights of Women. Unfortunately in the end she did not succeed. Lanyer tries to justify Eve?s actions by shifting blame onto Adam. This justification makes Lanyer?s argument weak. The shift of blame does not cause empathy for Eve. It makes it look as though Eve has something to conceal. In the end her image is not restored back to a positive figure. If Lanyer merely provided a defense without transferring the guilt onto Adam, Eve?s reputation would have been saved.
?Eve?s Apology in the Defense of Women? starts off on the right path. Lanyer begins the vindication of Eve by pointing out her flaws. She paints a picture of a naive Eve, expressing that Eve is weak and muted. Lanyer states, ?Our mother Eve, who tasted of the tree, Giving to Adam what she held most dear, Was simply good, and had no power to see?

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