Regeneration (Pat Barker) Sassoon Rivers Character Analysis

Regeneration (Pat Barker) Sassoon/Rivers Character Analysis

Look again at Rivers and Sassoon?s first meeting. What do we learn about Rivers and his methods, and Sassoon?s state of mind

Right from when these two characters meet, we see their personalities and their way of thinking shine through. Sassoon is very cautious of what he says, although after getting to know Rivers a bit, expresses his more personal thoughts. Rivers immediately analyses and assesses Sassoon from the very first paragraph in their meeting. Sassoon?s ?pale skin, purple shadows under the eyes show ?no obvious signs of nervous disorder? in Sassoon, but this immediately shows us, the reader, how Rivers is going to conduct his first interview with.
Rivers has a very friendly attitude towards Sassoon, smiling at him when he takes his first sip of tea. This is because Rivers wants Sassoon to feel relaxed and open so he will express his innermost feelings, and therefore he can pin-point Sassoon?s cause of ?neurosis?. Sassoon is surprised by River?s approach and begins to see him as an individual rather than ?the doctor?. For River?s this allows personal views into consultation and Sassoon expresses his actual ?hate? of civilians when they discuss his ?after-dream hallucinations?. The hallucinations that Sassoon has been having

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