Reader Opinion Of ?Pattern Language? By Christopher Alexande

Reader Opinion Of ?Pattern Language? By Christopher Alexander

While reading the book ?A Pattern Language?, I first thought the author was setting out to do was almost an impossible task. The introduction stated that there the keys to rural living to metropolitan existence could be summarized into 253 combinable patterns. I had a hard time grasping the understanding of what he was going to accomplish with the information he was providing. Questions such as how is someone going to place a town, city etc. in a box of 253 combinable patterns. I researched the Internet to see what others were saying about the book and their attempted to explain just how the book applied to them and their project. I noticed a common thread among the many and various sites that I viewed. The famous 253 patterns were moved and shifted by the authors in an untrusting manner. The author ?Christopher Alexander? has made a bold move by placing limits on how small to large scale projects should be designed/set-up to work in a ?Society?. Whether the application is technology, architecture, towns, cities or your new house, he has stepped up to the plate and has stated just how you can optimally organize your project. I will categorize

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