Rebecca Book Report

Rebecca Book Report

Book Report

The book Rebecca, is written by Daphne DuMaurier. This story takes place sometime in the early 1900?s. The book is about a simple young woman who marries a widowed man, and their life together and the secrets she finds out about this mans life.

The narrator of this story is a very important character. She is never given a name but she is the woman who marries Mr. De Winter, another main character of the story. They meet in Monte Carlo, and they marry shortly after. The narrator is described as a delicate, plain looking woman. The reader gets the impression that she is fairly young and very timid. She describes herself as having ?mousy hair and thin lips?. The narrator has a huge role in this book because she is the woman that comes in and replaces Maxims (Mr. De Winter) other wife. The other wife?s name was Rebecca. The narrator and Rebecca have nothing in common. Rebecca was a very outgoing, beautiful, evil woman. The narrator is a very shy, reserved, sweet woman. The narrator has a very hard time running the household that she has gained possession over. We see this in the ways she talks

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