Red Badge Of Courage

Red Badge Of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage

The main character in The Red Badge Of Courage is a young boy named Henry Fleming who experiences war for the first time during the Civil War. He is a Union soldier in the 304th New York. Throughout the book, Henry goes through a complete change of character as the war goes on. The three main stages Fleming goes through are before he actually engages in combat, his second combat experience and the second day of battle.
The entire reason Henry Fleming joined the army was to become a hero. He was completely blind to the Union?s cause as a whole and was looking more for personal achievement and well-being. This is depicted in the quote ?his province was to look out, as far as he could, for his personal comfort.? Henry?s plans of heroism and bravery are cut short when his regiment does not enter actual combat, but rather continues to hear news and rumors of upcoming battle. During this time, Henry has a lot of time on his hands and does some serious thinking. He begins to feel uncomfortable and wishes he were back home with his mother on

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