Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice


In Pride and Prejudice there are two very important characters whom the entire story revolves around and they are Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. In the course of the novel, together, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy run into many circumstances where, in the beginning, their prejudices collide into dislike for each other and in the end turns into love for each other.
The leading female character in the novel is Elizabeth Bennet, better known as Lizzy. She is just under twenty-one. She is not as beautiful as her older sister but pretty enough, with fine eyes and a light, graceful figure. Elizabeth is clever, independent-minded, lively and lovable. She is an unforgettable heroine. She sets the whole book buzzing with energy.
Jane Austen herself considered Lizzy her novel?s most important asset. She considered Lizzy the most delightful creature that has ever appeared in print. Delightful she may be, but she has a lot to learn as the novel begins. The prejudice of the title is Lizzy?s, of course. Looking no further than to appearances, she underestimates Darcy?s true worth every bit as badly as

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