The Independence Of Annie Iserhoff

The Independence Of Annie Iserhoff

The Independence of Annie Iserhoff

It is typical for humans to have doubts about the culture in which they are raised. However many people have trouble facing these doubts and just accept life for what it is. Nevertheless, some individuals possess a certain spirit within themselves that allows them to see things through different views and question the beliefs of their family and friends no matter how difficult it is to do so. As a result, they are able to become their own independent person and are ultimately happier. A good example of this can be found by looking Annie Iserhoff?s essay. Throughout Iserhoff?s life, her many experiences and strong-willed personality help to shape her into the independent woman she is today.
In the very beginning of Iserhoff?s essay, she talks about her relationships with her mother and father. She says, ?Although my mother had a fighting spirit, in the end she would succumb to his wishes? (p 85). Her mother always tried to stand up to her father, yet in the end always let him win. From a very early age we can tell Annie Iserhoff possess this same fighting spirit.

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