All families are different. Each family has different values, like the two families in the two different plays, “I Remember Mama” by John Van Druten and “You Cant Take It With You,” by Moss Hart and George S.Kaufman. Some viewpoints that each family has are the importance of their family, economic situations in their family, family values, and how the family treats outsiders that come into the home.

Every family has a different level of the importance of their family. Some families dont care if their family is in touch with one another but others do and they take pride in loving and being with their family. The family in “I Remember Mama” puts a large amount of time in investing in their familys importance. For example, Dagmar, the
youngest daughter in the family, gets put in the hospital because of an ear infection. So Mama, being the loving caring mother she is, asks the doctor “Where is she What room is she in” Knowing that she wasnt able to see her daughter until the next morning, because of hospital regulations. So what she does is, she pretends she is

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