The Lord Of The Rings

The Lord Of The Rings

Lord of the Rings Disaster

Simply stated, The Lord of the Rings, written by J.R. Tolkien, has gone on to become one of the great literary works of our time. Lasting through the century it has seen a new re-birth amongst yet a new generation as the great story itself was transformed onto the big screens of movie houses everywhere. Millions have grown to love this tale of good triumphing over evil and of love overcoming death. J.R. Tolkien?s book surpasses many because of its timeless qualities, integral character development, depth and dimension of the plot, suspense, and lovable (and hated) characters.
The story in itself is a simple concept and idea. In the beginning Soron, an evil man with power, created a series of rings. These rings had power to control the people of which the carrier of the ring governed. A ring was given to every ruler in Middle Earth, which is the setting of our story. But unknown to everyone Soron created a ring for himself, a ring of power and evil, which when worn, could control every evil thing and being in Middle Earth, consequently allowing him to control

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