The Immortals

The Immortals

Not many people fulfill there dreams. People go lifetimes with no really purpose except

for everyday routines because they either do not know any better or it just become branded on

there foreheads. The result of dreams not being explored is regret, the common person is one

filled with enormous empty gaps which seems never to be satisfied and probably never will. The

story The Immortals by Martin Amis, is a prime example of an ordinary person who has never felt

fulfilled. The New Zealand school teacher makes himself out to be an Immortal that has been

around since the being of time, and is judging humanity as if he was not part of the race. This story

shows a different perspective of looking at humanity, no boundaries for the human imagination and

an ordinary person looking to be special.

The story is intriguing because until close to the end the writer does not start to reveal the

true nature of the character. He is representing the ordinary man who strives for more, more

answers then a book can give and experienced people can describe. He wants the wisdom for

himself. But even

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