Comparing Viginia Woolf and D.H.Lawrence

Comparing Viginia Woolf and D.H.Lawrence

Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence have some similarities in spite of living in different times. We can put them in three titles: sexuality, politic and society. But both of them criticised different themes. Virginia Woolf criticised men and D.H. Lawrence criticised humanity.
When Virginia Woolf criticising men, she based on her life. Because, she lived in society which men were sovereign. D.H. Lawrence lived in same society in a different way. Because the society he lived was conservative. So, both of them reflected their lives to their works.
Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence were radical in their times. Their thoughts and works were different. Sometimes they were excluded from the society or prevented. But never they compensated to their thoughts and aims. In my opinion, both of them wrote their works to depict their revolt and they showed the life that they never lived.

In D.H. Lawrence?s works, his most clear

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