The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey

Character description
Tao, a Siamese cat, is relatively timid. A ?scardy cat? if you will. During this journey of a lifetime, Tao is a scared, dependant, whiny, boring character! During the journey across the wilderness Tao gets scared and is comforted by Bodger. I think she complains way too much, she is afraid of every thing, and she has no use! But then again, no cats have a use.
Bodger, an English Bull Terrier, is brave, most of the time, but still kind of stupid too! He makes stupid moves and gets in trouble more than once and gets him self hurt just as many times! He?s kind of like Roger from ?Sister Sister?. I think he would be a good dog to have but not as good as my dogs!
Then Luath, the Labrador retriever, is a courageous, kind, wise, old dog, which is very loving and understanding. I think he?s kind of like Shawn Connery in the James Bond, 007 movies! During their journey, when Tao becomes scared Luath takes it upon himself to comfort her. Luath leads Tao and Bodger through the Canadian wilderness to find their family successfully.

The story begins with three pets named Tao, whom is a

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