The Iliad

The Iliad

Achilles vs. Hector:
The Epic Hero

In today?s world, a hero is commonly thought of as someone who has saved lives, or has donated his service to their country or groups of beleifs. According to Homer, though, an epic hero is a brute fighting force of a man, whom often may cruelly and unnecessarily take life, but nonetheless is the pride of his army and the land he represents. The epic hero must demonstrate a level of leadership and self control, as well as humanity to earn this title. Importance, whether relating to the gods or royalty is a characteristic the epic hero possesses, and it is through this natural hierarchy that the hero rises to become an idol of all the men he represents. Through The Iliad, both Hector, a Trojan warrior, and Achilles, a Greek warrior stand out as fighters that identify much of Homer?s ideals concerning the definition of the Epic Hero. Despite this, Hector better embodies those characteristics, and ultimately is the most accurate classification of the Epic Hero in the Iliad.
In the Iliad, Achilles is developed by Homer as the most valuable and skilled Greek fighter. He

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