Monkeys Paw

Monkeys Paw

The Monkeys Paw

?The Monkeys Paw? is a story based on the fairy tale idea of a man who has three wishes. It is based on very ordinary characters living in a very ordinary house in a mundane setting.
In this story there are four main characters. We are not given much description of them, they are pretty ordinary. Mr and Mrs White live in a small house together with their son Herbert. The fourth character is ?Sergeant Major Morris?, the only detail we find out about him is that he likes a bit of a drink.
The tale is about a sergeant major that bought a monkey?s paw in whilst on travelling. It is rumoured that the paw is magical and could grant three men three separate wishes. The sergeant major incites for its incineration but Mr White would not let such an item burn. After being warned of its horrible outcome Mr White still uses it. His 1st wish was for just ?200, not thinking of how he might gain that money. There is great

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