Go Down, Moses

Go Down, Moses

In the story ?Go Down, Moses? by William Faulkner, many situations come about. The story takes place when sharecroppers were around. Many of the blacks and whites worked hand in hand with each other and there was no apparent sign of racism.

One situation that arises was wether or not Gavin Stevens should help Mollie Beauchamp get what she wants. Gavin Stevens, the attorney, at first didn?t want to help Mollie Beauchamp get what she wanted because she has been through so much in her life. He figured that the death of Samuel would result on her behave. Having her not worry about what Samuel would do next is one of the main reasons why Gavin Stevens didn?t want to help at first. After a while of thinking, Gavin then decided that helping her get what she wanted would be the right thing to do. He decided that she needs closure to this event and was willing to help her through it.

Mrs. Worsham helped Stevens make the decision on wether to help Mollie Beauchamp or not.. She grew up with Mollie on the plantation, so they grew up acting like sisters.

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