The Goal

The Goal

The Goal Reaction

The book The Goal is a story about a manager whose manufacturing plant is not exerting sufficient production numbers and efficient and cost effective inventory levels. The main character in the story is Alex Rogo, the plant manager of UniCo which is a division of UniWare located in Bearington, Massachusetts which is the very city that Alex grew up in. UniWare is the parent company of UniCo which manufactures components needed for the assembly of products produced by other unrelated manufacturers.
The story picks up on what was supposed to be an ordinary day at UniCo but when Alex gets to work on this day his supervisor, Bill Peach, comes into the plant and practically turns everything into frenzy. After Alex puts out all of the fires that Bill had set, the two of them sit down in Alex?s office and talk. Bill tells Alex that production has gone down in the six months that Alex has been the plant manager of the Bearington facility, and a furious customer, Bucky Burnside, has an order that is overdue, and Alex must get that order shipped before he ships anything else. Bill also says that if

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