A Lantern in her Hand

A Lantern in her Hand

A Lantern in Her Hand
Abby and Will Deal and their son Mack moved from their long-time home in Blackhawk
County to their new prarie home in Platsmouth, Nebraska. At their new home the prairies rolled
on for as far as the eye could see. Whip-like grass, that was waist high, waved across the prairie
like a rolling ocean. The sounds of coyotes and wolves rang all arround you like music. The dirt
was as black and rich as oil, quite ideal for farming. The little soddie (a house made from sod)
was a nice temporary home for the family. It was made from strips of sod that Will cut from the
ground himself, and then was covered by a thick layer of mud. The furniture in side the house
was also made of sod, and then covered with quilts. There was a little, shallow river that ran by
their home. That is where Abby got the water from until Will could get the well dug. It sounds
like a good place to live.

On conflict that happens early in the book is when Abby?s mother loses her mansion.
Well let me begin form the beginning of the conflict. Abby?s dad came from a very welthy
family, and her mom came from a

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