Leadership Secrets Of Attlia The Hun

Leadership Secrets Of Attlia The Hun

?Leadership Secrets of Attila the hun?

The book ?Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun,? is about a man name Attila who centuries ago turned groups of tribal nomads into one of the greatest fighting nation of the ancient world. He achieved all this by utilizing his win-directed, take-charge leadership skills. Throughout the book Attila the Hun shares 16 secrets to his chieftains he learned within his life to better manage and lead their tribe of warriors. Even though Attila and his theories on leadership are from the prehistoric time they still hold strong relevance in modern day management and leadership. In this book report I will further explore how a few of Attila secrets may or may not apply in the today?s broadcasting workplace.
Attila (406-53 AD) was a member of the ruling family of the Huns, a barbaric nation of loosely bound tribes in perpetual migration. At the young age of 12 years old he was sent to Rome and held hostage in the Roman court. There he gained much knowledge of Roman polices and military which helped mold him in to the leader he became. Being held captive there he developed a strong hatred

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