The Demon Lover

The Demon Lover

The narrating voice for The Demon Lover is of the third person outside the fictional world. However, the point of view is inside the fictional world as the narrator is telling the reader about the thoughts in Mrs. Drovers mind. This is demonstrated in the line (3rd paragraph, p347) ?She thought first-then the caretaker must be back.? This is backed further by (1st paragraph, p348) ?She felt so much the change in her own face that she went to the mirror,? these examples show that one should not trust the narrator.

When first reading the narrative, I felt that the story had a clear-cut ending. Mrs Drover is driven off screaming by the taxi driver (Last paragraph, p352). When investigating further, I found the narrator had misled me. She is carried off, but far from being alive when she got into the taxi, she was already dead. This is shown at the beginning of the story.

The first paragraph (p346) indicates that Mrs.Drover has already died. If one looks at the line (1st paragraph, p346) ?but no human eye watched Mrs. Drover?s return.? This, and (1st paragraph, p346) ?Dead air came out to meet her as she went in.? There

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