The Crying Of Lot 49

The Crying Of Lot 49

The Crying of Lot 49

By Thomas Pynchon

The Crying of Lot 49 written by Thomas Pynchon was written in the beginning of the 20th century, it holds true to its time period by focusing on aspects of the human mind and experiences. There are two levels of apprehension to The Crying of Lot 49: that of the characters in the book, whose perception is limited to the text, and that of the reader, who has the ability to look at the world from an external point of view. A recurring theme in the novel is the phenomenon of chaos, also called entropy. Both the reader and Oedipa have the same tribulations of facing the chaos that surrounds them. Through various methods, Pynchon imposes a fictional world already full of turmoil on the reader. As readers, we are faced with similar uncertainties and complications of the mystery that the characters are involved in. As the mysteries unfold, an understanding of the characters

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