The Crucible

The Crucible

Most Villainous/Least Villainous

For my first choice, I picked Abigail Williams as Most Villainous. I felt that the word malicious matched her perfectly in the sense that she was driven by lust and vengeance. I thought that because she was a harlot and a selfish girl who only cared about her wants and needs. She wanted John Proctor to herself and wished for the death of Elizabeth Proctor so she could take her place. That was the only reason why she provoked the witch trials by falsely confessing and ruining people?s lives.
As for the second person up on the villainous list, I chose Thomas Putnam. His only reason for starting and holding up with all of the witchcraft nonsense was to get other people?s land and also for vengeance because Reverend Parris got the job that Mr. Putnams? relative should have gotten. The word wicked describes him well because he was ill natured and mean and had selfish reasons for everything he did.
The third person up was Judge Hawthorne. He basically did not care about the victims or whether the accused stayed dead or alive. He blindly followed the rules that were given to him and didn?t want to

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