Gebghis Khan

Gebghis Khan

Genghis Khan (Temujin)

Genghis Khan, whose original name Temujin, was born around 1167. He was born near Lake Baikal in Russia. His father was a powerful Mongol King named Yesukai. At thirteen, Temujin succeeded his father as the Chief of his tribe. He was to become the creator of one of the largest empires to ever exist. Genghis Khan means “Universal King” or “Universal emperor”.

Many neighboring countries feared Genghis Khan and his vast Empire. He was known for his cavalry, which was superior to any other. Their armor was light so they had a wider range of motion. The cavalry could shoot as many as six arrows per minute. On horseback, the cavalry was unstoppable. With this army he was able to unite all of Mongolia under his rule. He next turned south toward China.

Temujin began his conquest of China after he was given his title Genghis Khan. By 1208, he had a foothold inside the Great Wall of China.

In 1213, he pushed south and west

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