Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was the world?s most fabulous architect of all time. This was his ambition in life and he managed to meet his goals. Kaufmann and Raeburn quote him saying, “…having a good start not only do I fully intend to be the greatest architect who has yet lived, but fully intend to be the greatest architect who will ever live. Yes, I intend to be the greatest architect of all time” (Writings 21). With much research Kaufmann discovered that throughout Wright?s life he completed one hundred and eighty eight structures (338). All of his buildings were not simply concrete and/or wood but art.
Born in Richland Center, in southwestern Wisconsin, on June 8, 1867, sometimes reported as 1869, Frank Lincoln Wright changed by himself to Frank Lloyd Wright was raised in the influence of a Welsh heritage. Kaufmann and Raeburn learned through Mr. Wright?s writings that the Lloyd-Jones family, his mothers side of the family, had great influence on Mr. Wright throughout his life. The family was Unitary in faith and lived close to each other. Major aspects within the

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