Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore


Woman of the year for Teen Magazine, Drew Barrymore had a future in acting before she was even born. Born in West Hollywood, California, Drew had a long line of relatives in the business. Acting Legends, as they were known as in Hollywood. But the only thing Drew really wanted was the one thing she did not have, a real family. Her mother, Jaid, was a single, working mother handling two jobs so Drew could live a comfortable life. Her father on the other hand was an alcoholic with a drug addiction, he was very abusive. Drew?s parent?s had divorced before Drew was even born. Since her mother had two jobs, Drew was always left with a babysitter, sometimes feeling abandoned.
Drew was a born actor, if she was not acting on camera she was dressing up and acting for her babysitter. She loved to pretend she had the perfect family. But Drew got her chance to star in a big movie soon enough. It was Steven Spielberg?s big picture ?E.T.?. Drew loved the feeling of being on the set of the movie. Mostly because she felt like

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