An Intellectual Biography Of George Lamming

An Intellectual Biography Of George Lamming

Intellectual Biography: George Lamming.

George Lamming, born in Carrington Village, Barbados, was of mixed English and Black African heritage, and grew up in his native township of Carrington Village and also in St Davids Village, which was the workplace of his adopted father. Unlike many his age, Lamming had the opportunity of an education and with encouragement and particular influence from a teacher, Frank Collymore, Lamming became entangled into the world of literature, and the experiences books had to offer. Before long he began his own early writings before moving, and working from 1946 to 1950 as a teacher at ?El Colegio de Venezuela?, which was a private boarding school for boys in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Lamming was then to once more move, this time across the ocean to England where Lamming worked briefly in a factory of London whilst working independently as a freelance writer, having already published some of his works in the Barbadian magazine ?Bim?.

Lammings? time spent in England was of great benefit in terms of his writing aspirations and Lamming had the opportunity to meet fellow Commonwealth citizens, Africans and Asians, and become aware of the problems and issues of ?identity? for the African

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