Question: Compare the two couples evolving in Raymond Carvers Cathedral.

Overcoming Differences

Human being in nature is an integrated system that is influenced by his complex environment. As a matter of fact, we interact with our surrounding; human being is always seeking for a mate. In the following essay, I will discuss the differences between the two couples who evolve in Raymond Carver?s ?Cathedral?; such as religious beliefs, physical appearance and relationship.
Firstly, physical appearance plays a major role in today?s society. In our time, most people judge their equals based on their look, not their core. In ?Cathedral?, Robert, a blind man, and his wife give no importance to perception. Their love is true and it is not based on the exterior. In contrast, the narrator overplays the importance of vision and physical appearance: ?All this without his having ever seen what the goddamned woman looked like. It was beyond my understanding? (11). It is obvious that his love isn?t based on fundamental values. Had his wife been different looking, it is very likely that they wouldn?t be together.
Secondly, religious beliefs of the two couples are an issue that seems to divide whole populations and often it is used as a pretext

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