Willis Reed

Willis Reed

?Willis Reed?

As a Hall of Famer, Willis Reed was born on June 25, 1942 in Bernice Louisiana. As a youngster, Willis Reed began to play basketball and that?s when he began to make a name for himself. By the time, Willis got into high school in Lillie Louisiana from 1956-1960. While playing basketball at West Side High, Willis Reed had achieved many accomplished and honors. He was named All-State in 1956-1960, and All Conference. After his many accomplishments in High School, Reed went to Grambling State University, in Grambling Louisiana from 1960-1964. With his many skills in basketball, Reed moved up to receiving much college highlights much like his highschool accomplishments. To name only a few, Willis Reed led Grambling to the NAIA national championship as a freshman in 1961, led Grambling to the 1963 and 1964 NAIA Final Four, led Grambling to three Southwest Conference titles.

While receiving all his nominations, he also received the All-NAIA Tournament Team in 1963-1964, All-America in 1963-1964. In addition, while casting his many skills on the Basketball Court, Reed scored 2,280 pts. (18.7) in 122 games, including 26.6 ppg. as

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