Pope & Wordsworth

Pope & Wordsworth

Key Differences Which Separate Pope from Wordsworth

In comparing excerpts from Pope?s ?An Essay on Man? and Wordsworth?s ?Prospectus?, I found many similarities and some key differences. Pope?s lean toward the more structured and confined, and Wordsworth?s lean towards the informal and original. These differences are what separate the styles of both poets and make Pope ?regular? or formal and Wordsworth ?irregular? or unique.
Both poems are done in iambic pentameter; however, Pope?s is rhymed whereas Wordsworth?s is blank verse. Pope appeared to use an abundance of end-stops, and lacked the personalization that Wordsworth chose by including himself as ?I?.
Pope?s usage of 70% caesura and minimal euphemisms indicate that this poem was driven mainly by form. Wordsworth, on the other hand, applied 77% caesura as in the following lines: ?Or elevates the Mind, intent to weigh./ Inviolate retirement, subject there./ Of Mighty

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