Pop Goes The Weasel

Pop Goes The Weasel

The book Pop Goes The Weasel by James Patterson is set in Washington, D.C. during the late twentieth century, in both the suburbs and downtown Washington. The setting is good because it is set in a place with many people, many dangers, and many suspects.

Like in all the ?Alex Cross books?, there are many characters, but I feel the three main characters are, Alex Cross, John Sampson, and Geoffrey Shafer. Alex is an African-American detective with two beautiful children, a pretty fiancee, and an all-around nice life. Cross has dealt with many terrible cases and has a distinguished reputation for getting the job done. Cross?s partner is John Sampson. Sampson is a ?large black man? and also lives in Alex?s neighborhood. He has known Alex for as long as they can remember and have worked together for years. Finally Geoffrey Shafer is British diplomat and is totally insane. He believes that he is part of a sadistic game and goes by the name DEATH. He commits a series of murders and as Cross begins to catch on to him he drag Alex?s fiancee into his little game. Shafer has a brilliant mind and proves to be a worthy opponent for

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