The Lottery

The Lottery

The thing that catches my attention more than anything in this story “The Lottery” is the character Mrs. Dunbar. She is an ironic symbol by being traditional and changing at the same time. We see her at four different points in this story. Each time we see her she makes small breaks within herself that contradict tha lotterys traditions. At the same time she upholds the tradtion of the lottery and emphasizes a mothers traditional role.

The first time we see Mrs. Dunbar, she is standing in for her husband during the lottery. In this action she is representing the tradtional setting of the lottery by following what has always been done. At the same time she breaks the tradition by being the only woman to pick from the black box. She upholds the traditional role of motherhood by being her husbands representative in place of her son. This protects her son from the head of households burden and the deadly consequences that come with that title. This shows the time-honored role of the mother as a protector of her children.

The second time we see Mrs. Dunbar she seems aqnxious and troubled. She repeats: “I wish theyd hurry”; “I wish theyd

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