Passage To India Setting And Diction

Passage To India: Setting And Diction

Setting and Diction

Passage to India takes place in the early 20th century when the British are still in control of India. The story takes place mainly in Chandrapore, which is a made up place in India. Chandrapore is predominantly Moslem, and its unique attraction is the Marabar Caves, which is a good train ride away from the city. Later the story moves to Mau, a more Hindu town in India, where Aziz starts a new life away from the Europeans. During most of the story it is the very hot summer months, which cause the death of Mrs. Moore. There is much Hindu and Moslem interaction due to the fact that the story is before the two separate nations of India and Pakistan are created. The imaginary town of Chandrapore is a pleasant little town that has a large English population, which is rather secluded from the Indians. It seems to be economically well off compared to most of India?s other villages, which are poverty stricken, mainly due to the British. The setting does not play a major role in the story because the superiority the British feel over the Indians and the native?s disdain for the British can be

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